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    Welcome to the website of American Baptist Churches of the Northwest - 150 churches scattered across a vast geography throughout Washington, Idaho, Montana and Utah with more in Oregon, Nevada and California. We believe that Jesus is the head of his Body and as its Living Lord he continues to "seek and save that which was lost" through healthy, mission-focused churches. We hope to inform and resource churches and pastors.
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    God is at work reaching the Northwest through churches engaging their communities in a myriad of ways. Transformation is happening. New believers are coming to Christ. Our connection with one another continues to be strong in spite of our vast geographical spread. New Testament churches knew they were part of something greater than themselves. By joining forces we believe we can increase our ability to reach the Northwest for Jesus Christ.
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    Developing great leaders is a critical strategy for reproducing disciples. We are committed to leadership development. Our network of Leadership Learning Communities helps pastors become life-long learners who in turn develop leaders in their local churches. We are creating a common language for discussing and applying fundamental leadership concepts and influencing leaders who will produce disciples.
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David T OlsonABC-NW Training Event

November 1, 2014 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Newport Hills Community Church  5833 119th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98006 425.746.8034

Cost: $20 (covers speaker fee, all materials and lunch…a bargain!)

Guest Presenter: David T Olson, author of Discovering Your Leadership Style (IVP) and The American Church In Crisis (Zondervan). David is currently the Church Planting Director for the PSW Conference, Evangelical Covenant Church.

Join with other Washington ABC Northwest churches for a special training event, lunch and fellowship.

At this training event participants will learn a new, biblically based approach to leadership developed by David Olson. You will learn how to best use your leadership gifting, and how to develop it. David’s insights will help teams—church staff and volunteer ministry teams—improve how they work together.

The model reveals how three factors—spirituality, chemistry and strategy—all work together. There are six styles that shape a person’s ministry depending on which of the three factors is dominant. These are:

  •  The Sacred Leader
  • The Relational Leader
  • The Inspirational Leader
  • The Building Leader
  • The Mission Leader
  • The Imaginative Leader

Identify your particular style prior to attending by taking the free inventory at the web site: www.sixstyles.org. Or, read David’s book in preparation for the event, Discovering Your Leadership Style: The Power of Chemistry, Strategy and Spirituality.

Register for this event through the ABC Northwest Region office. office@abcnw.org Have questions? Call the Region Office  208.777.2733


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Just a reminder that every ABC-NW church may use the Mission Insite service without charge as long as our subscription is in force. So don’t delay. Check it out today. Go to www.missioninsite.com and review the various tools that are provided. Then call or email the Region office to receive the special code for setting up your account. Here are a few highlights of what can be done with the service:

1. Discover what people in your immediate community believe about God, Jesus, the Bible, morality etc. Or check out their religious affiliations and spiritual preferences. This information is all available through the Quadrennium Project report.

2. Map where the people in your church live. Compare their lifestyle choices to their neighbors. This will provide a better sense of how well your people are prepared to connect with their neighbors.

3. Learn the true religious and ethnic make up of your community. Many churches hold to distorted views that are not backed by the facts. For example, one ABC-NW church believed that its primary target group should be people under 40. Then they studied their immediate community and discovered that the under 40 group was actually declining. The primary growth segment were people over 55. They adjusted their worship service time to match the preferred worship time for this age group. Do you know what time that is? It’s 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Previously they were trying to expand an 11:00 AM service to reach people under 40 and were frustrated by their lack of growth. They dropped the 11:00 AM service and started concentrating on growing the 9:00 AM service. Since making the changes they are no longer frustrated and their 9:00 AM service is growing.

4. Discover the lifestyle preferences of the people in your community. This will help your church match your ministries to the needs and preferences of those that you are trying to reach. Knowing this information can help shape the type of sermons preached, the style of worship and even the choice of coffee. All of this information is available through the highly sophisticated, current lifestyle information that can be customized to your immediate community.

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