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    Welcome to the website of American Baptist Churches of the Northwest - 150 churches scattered across a vast geography throughout Washington, Idaho, Montana and Utah with more in Oregon, Nevada and California. We believe that Jesus is the head of his Body and as its Living Lord he continues to "seek and save that which was lost" through healthy, mission-focused churches. We hope to inform and resource churches and pastors.
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  • We're Reaching People

    God is at work reaching the Northwest through churches engaging their communities in a myriad of ways. Transformation is happening. New believers are coming to Christ. Our connection with one another continues to be strong in spite of our vast geographical spread. New Testament churches knew they were part of something greater than themselves. By joining forces we believe we can increase our ability to reach the Northwest for Jesus Christ.
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  • We're Training Leaders

    Developing great leaders is a critical strategy for reproducing disciples. We are committed to leadership development. Our network of Leadership Learning Communities helps pastors become life-long learners who in turn develop leaders in their local churches. We are creating a common language for discussing and applying fundamental leadership concepts and influencing leaders who will produce disciples.
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Mini All Region Poster

All Region Ministry Conference (formally ABC-NW Biennial Celebration)

The Biennial dates are May 30-31, 2014 at the Florence-Carlton Community Church in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley just south of Missoula. Conference hotels will be in Missoula, MT. Some guest homes and trailers will also be available through members of FCCC.

Plenary speakers are Dr. Tim Brown, the Executive Minister for Growing Healthy Churches (ABC West) and Reid Trulson, Executive Director for International Ministries-ABC.

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New Life as Expectation

Dr. Charles Revis, Executive Minister

On January 25th Karen and I welcomed our first grandchild into the world. There’s little doubt Colton Charles Siegfried is the cutest baby on the planet. Hah! Karen had predicted he would arrive on her birthday, and she was right. Colton’s arrival was a super nice birthday gift! Good timing, Colton. Now that I’ve entered that wonderful realm of “grandfatherhood” I’m finding it’s every thing that other grandfathers told me it would be.

Colton’s birth took me back to that day when his mother, Jen, our oldest, was born. Those were the days of natural birth and Lamaze and so I was there in the birthing room when Jen was born. And in that miraculous moment my life changed. As I witnessed Jen’s birth I realized that a child’s birth is perhaps the most common of miracles but no less wondrous for its commonality. That God creates physical beings infused with a soul and that He desires relationship with each one simply boggles the mind.

Later as I held Jen in my arms my beautiful little infant girl captured my heart. Speaking of miracles it’s a minor miracle that I ever let her leave home! I can only give thanks to God, the most amazing Creator of Life, for Jen’s life, then later my son’s life, their spouses’ and now the life of my grandson. The Author of Life, our God, is a prodigious life giver with all of its attendant blessings.

Colton’s birth has caused me to reflect anew on the miracle of New Life, that is, the second birth that comes when we cross the line of faith in response to Jesus’ call. Certain well-known, almost too familiar, Scriptures come to mind.

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An Avoidable Future

Patti Duckworth, Associate Executive Minister

The last two weeks of January I spent in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, for my two week PHD residency requirement with the International Baptist Theological Seminary. While there was much to be grateful for in those two weeks, there were several things that were sobering reminders of what is at stake for us on our mission together in the Northwest. I would like to share one of those experiences that hit home.

To be sure, most of my time was spent either in study or in the colloquia sessions. But there were brief opportunities to check out the city. On my first Sunday there, I went with my friend Nancy Rowell to see the Anne Frank House. It is just a few blocks from Westerkerk (Western Church).  Like many of the churches of Europe, it is a very impressive structure.   (The clock tower on the left figures prominently in Frank’s diary.) This church is undergoing renovation. 

We walked around that side of the church on our way to the Anne Frank House, and I was startled by the sign attached to the building – so startled that I took a picture.

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2014 MMBB Guide for Church & Church-Related Employers (Employer Guide) Now Available

MMBB Financial Services today released the 2014 edition of The MMBB Guide for Church and Church-Related Employers (Employer Guide). The Employer Guide provides a comprehensive resource for faith-based organizations with current information on clergy compensation and benefits, pastoral budgeting, cost of living adjustments, and clergy taxes.  

The Employer Guide offers many interactive planning tools for use throughout the year. These include a checklist for year-end activities, a how-to on completing tax forms, and a budget worksheet.  

"MMBB's Employer Guide is updated annually to assist administrators of faith-based organizations with developing compensation packages and budgets for staff and to assist with addressing compensation-related federal tax reporting requirements," said Louis P. Barbarin, executive director, MMBB Financial Services. This year there are more resources for employers and members to use in each section of this Guide."

The Employer Guide can be downloaded for no cost at www.mmbb.org. Click "Download Documents and Resources." For questions about The 2014 MMBB Guide for Church and Church-Related Employers, please call 1.800.986.6222. 

Download 2014 MMBB Employer Guide

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Templed Hills Baptist Camp Complete New Addition

Templed Hills Camp will be doing a kitchen remodel and finishing the new addition to the kitchen.  Project is scheduled to begin mid-April and be completed by the first part of June.   First phase will be some work for the dining hall kitchen then electrical and plumbing.  Second phase will be sheet rock and taping, painting, trim, any necessary work to complete the project.  The new addition is enclosed and roofed but needs to be sided.

Food and lodging will be provided at camp. You need to bring your sleeping bag, towel and any personal items.  Weather can be cold or mild at anytime, so bring appropriate clothing.  Mid-April prepare for snow on the ground.

Camp is located between Livingston, MT and Yellowstone Park, 15 miles south of Livingston, then 13 miles up Mill Creek Road in a beautiful mountain setting.

This is a great opportunity for a mission trip and to visit Yellowstone National Park.


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